Depending on the dimensions of the yacht, sailing area, strictness of the different design criteria,
hull development can be straight forward and short as well as extensive and long lasting (read more)

Designing fast sailing monohulls, they should have the capability of planing, certainly when
sailing on reaching courses to overcome the length depending hull speed.
Without the use of foils or multiple hulls this means that the canoe hull should be shallow and reasonable
flat and wide, especially in the midship and stern regions. However for upwind courses when listed, other
criteria come into play. We use classic- and CFD calculations method as well as tanktesting, to get more
detailed information to sculp the shell as efficient as possible.

For the hull above the waterline, we always search for radical new beautiful and exciting lines, without going
weird and always as practical as possible. Mostly for seakeeping- and speedcapability reasons, the stem part
has our special attention.